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AUDITION to be a part of the 

2023-2024 PDC Team

Auditions will consist of an interview for both dancer and parent, ballet audition, jazz/contemporary audition, and when applicable a tap and/or hip hop audition.


There is no fee to RSVP for the 2023-2024 PDC Auditions using the button below. Registering here will help us streamline communication in regard to auditions and the 2023-2024 PDC season. 


Dancers that RSVP through the button below will also receive VIP summer discounts and exclusive offers!


Summer Requirements for PDC Dancers 


All dancers must fulfill a certain number of summer hours and/or attend specific summer intensives. These specific requirements are determined by age and provided below. 

Required summer hours may be obtained by attending summer intensives outside of those offered by CAD. However, these events must receive approval by the director to be counted. 

A full break down of these events must be provided to director prior to attending in order to be counted toward summer hours.

Breakdown must include:

Event location, studio, or company hosting event.

Instructors of the event.

Dates of event.

Class(es) and/or detailed schedule of event.

Ages 3-4 

Summer Requirements

Ages 3-4 as of June 21, 2023... By Invitation ONLY

Summer Requirements:

• Enrollment in at least one camp, intensive, or workshop of your choice.

Ages 5-7

Summer Requirements

Ages 5-7 as of June 21, 2023... Audition Required 

Summer Requirements:

  • The WERKshop

  • 12 hours outside of The WERKshop 

Ages 8-10

Summer Requirements

Ages 8-10 as of June 21, 2023... Audition Required

Summer Requirements:

  • The WERKshop

  • 14 hours outside of The WERKshop 

Ages 11-19

Summer Requirements

Ages 11-19 as of June 21, 2023... Audition Required

Summer Requirements:

  • The WERKshop

  • Raise the Barre Ballet Intensive (two options to choose from)

  • 14 hours outside of Raise the Barre and The WERKshop


The document found by clicking the button below is full of information pertaining to being a member of Parker Dance Co. 

The PDC Formal Contract is due Friday, June 23 upon arrival for the ballet portion of auditions. Contracts may be printed and signed or they may be electronically signed. Links to sign electronically will be emailed after interviews have concluded.


The document found by clicking the button below will provide you with all the information regarding out three part audition process. Information includes but is not limited to interview sign up, audition attire, dates,and times.


The document found by clicking the link below must be printed, completed, and turned in during your parent/dancer audition interview. Dancer's 8x10 headshot must accompany this form at the time of interview.

Can't make it to auditions?

In lieu of scheduling a second audition we will be accepting video submissions for audition purposes. Further details and requirements will be made available here after in person auditions have concluded. All information regarding video auditions and makeup interviews is TBA at this time.

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