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Interested in being a member of 
Parker Dance Company?
Email Mrs. Heather at to today!

What is Parker Dance Company?

The Goals of Parker Dance Company:

• Provide accelerated dance opportunities in addition to studio classes.

• Promote performing arts to the community.

• Provide a healthy team experience for dancers and their parents.

• Preparation for college or other community or professional opportunities.

• The successful achievement of these goals requires an intentional

partnership between the instructors, the parents and the dancers.


The Philosophy of Parker Dance Company:

 To provide technical training for each dancer, and prepare them for their future with life lessons through dance education. The choreography and costumes are carefully chosen to be age-appropriate and tasteful. The

director, Heather Parker Schumacher, contributes countless hours (over and above instructing) to invest in the lives of the dancers. As a unit, we celebrate

the group and individual achievements of all of the dancers. You’ll find that the PDC provides a positive and encouraging environment where many lifelong friendships are formed. As such, a certain expectation of being a team player is demanded from both dancer and parent.

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