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STUDIO 77 - Saturday, June 1 - 1:00pm
STUDIO 77 - Saturday, June 1 - 6:00pm
PDC Solo Showcase - Sunday, June 2 - 1:00pm
PDC Team Showcase - Sunday, June 2 - 6:00pm
We encourage you to buy your tickets online prior to show day! 
Show day ticket purchases are pending seat availability and increased rates.


Recital Details

Click the buttons down below to find your dancer's show time, rehearsal schedule, picture schedule, and all information to get you organized for show week!

Join us for the annual Closing Number!!

  • Performed as the finale at both Saturday Recital shows.

  • Dancers will wear recital tee and solid black fitted shorts. No shoes required. 

  • No extra fees to participate.

  • Required for all PDC dancers in Level II - VI. 

  • Optional for PDC dancers in Beginner & Level I. Optional for all CAD dancers enrolled in Level II - VI class(es)

  • Choreography and rehearsal dates/times on show week schedule.

  • Note* - ALL dancers will be included in the closing number with a final bow whether or not they attend choreography & rehearsal dates.

Classes per Show

The document found by clicking the button below will show each class and the show they are performing in.

Recital Packet

The document found by clicking the link below will provide general information regarding policies, procedures, and other general items pertaining to recital and the theatre.

Picture Schedule - link coming soon!

The document found by clicking the button below will provide you with a full schedule for picture day. Picture Day will be held at Townsend. There is no fee to be included in group pictures. Individual photos will require a sitting fee that is credited toward picture purchases once a link to your proofs has been emailed to you. Pictures are optional for all non-competitive dancers. All group pictures are required for PDC dancers including PDC routines as well as recital class pictures.

Stage Rehearsal Schedule - link coming soon!

The document found by clicking the button below will provide detailed schedules for all stage rehearsals. Stage rehearsals will be held at the Townsend Center. 

The CLOSING NUMBER IS BACK! Rehearsal and details are also found through the button below.

Kasey Fennell Scholarship - link coming soon!

The document found by clicking the link below will provide you with all the information regarding the qualifications and requirements to be considered for the Kasey Fennell Scholarship. Two scholarships will be awarded each season, one to a non-competitive CAD dancer, and one to a member of PDC. Deadline to apply is Thursday, May 30.




Backstage volunteers must arrive 1.5 hours prior too showtime.

Further details can be found in the recital packet.

Parent Meetings at Townsend Center

If you have any questions regarding the process of show day, sign in, sign out, costumes, etc. we invite and encourage you to attend one of our recital parent meetings. Lisa "Mama Lisa", our desk staff and head stage mom will be available to you to tour the venue, backstage areas, and answer any questions you may have on the following dates/times.


Recital Tees and Ballet Tights
Recital Tees - Order Deadline May 10
Ballet Tights - Order Deadline May 15


Beginner & Level I Ballet Tights


Level II - Level VI Ballet Tights


All dancers participating in the show will receive a tee shirt with paid performance fee.

NO refunds or account credits on pre-ordered shirts.


Recital Trophies - CAD honors dancers that have been dancing with us for 3, 5, 10, or more consecutive class terms at recital annually. If your dancer has been dancing with CAD for 3, 5, 10, or more consecutive class terms please complete the Trophy Form to the right. To receive a trophy, we must receive the trophy form by the deadline, and the dancer must have completed consecutive class terms in full without breaks.

Please provide dancer's name and how many years they have been dancing at CAD in the message section.


MAY 15

Thanks for submitting!


Performance Fees

• Performances are optional unless dancer is a member of Parker Dance Company.

• Performance Fee Rates: 

$125 per student - Spring Recital - Includes full media package, tee

• Fees will be automatically charged or debited to the card on file as follows:

- May 15, 2023 - Recital (spring show)

• To OPT OUT of performances and avoid Performance Fees we MUST receive notice no later than noon on April 15, 2023 for spring shows.


• Additional costs apply for: show tickets, Memory Book Ads, recital gifts, flowers, etc.

Costume Fees

• Costume Fees will be charged or debited to the card on file unless dancer's parent or the account holder has notified CAD desk staff/director that dancer will not be participating. We MUST receive notice no later than noon on April 15, 2023 to avoid charges.

• Costume Details:

Recital costumes cannot be ordered without full payment.

- Costumes are only required for classes that include choreography for shows.

- Costume Fee Rates:

$75 Classes for ages 18 months-5 years (Creative Movement, Baby Ballet, Tiny Tap)

$85 Classes for ages 5 years (Beginner classes) and older ( Level I - Level  V classes)

- Costume Fees include: costume, any required alterations, accessories, any extra added

embellishments, and tights when applicable. *NOTE: Tights are NOT included for Beginner Ballet -

Level V Ballet or Pointe.

- Costume Fees DO NOT include shoes. Required shoes for all performances will follow the CAD dress


Fees will be posted to all accounts and automatically charged/debited as follows...

- Fees will be charged in two installments for students with three or more costumes only.

1st Installment - April 15, 2023

2nd Installment - May 1, 2023

- Dancers with one to two costumes will be charged in full.

One Payment - April 15, 2023

- PDC Dancers: Two costumes were included in your season invoice. If your dancer requires more than two recital costumes:

 The first two costumes over the included two (a total of four recital costumes) will be charged on April 15, 2023. 

If more than four costumes are required the remainder will be charged May 1, 2023.


• Students registering AFTER April 15, 2023 are NOT guaranteed to perform in the Recital as additional

costume orders may not be possible. Additional rush shipping fees may be applicable as well.

Performance Opt Out Form

Participation in CAD shows is optional for all dancers except Parker Dance Company members. If your dancer is NOT participating in the 2022 recital please complete and submit the form below. All forms must be received by noon on April 15, 2022 to avoid any costume or performance fee charges. Once fees are charged, NO REFUNDS can be made.

Thank you! Your message was sent successfully.

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